Reasons for NOT TO BUY Dragonball Movie!

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Reasons for NOT TO BUY Dragonball Movie!

Mensaje  DBM_Boicot el Sáb Oct 04, 2008 5:44 pm

I found this nice comment in the post about DB teaser trailer.
UnManuel Says:
October 3rd, 2008 at 3:01 pm

People, seriously, I really cannot understand how you still like this movie after seeing that mediocre teaser. I think you either self-conditionated into liking it or you actually despise it but you haven’t enough courage to admit it after all those months of avid bootlicking.

I’ve following the progress of this movie from the very beginning because I’ve always wanted a Dragonball movie. A nice one, actually. I’ve tried hard to see hope along the increasingly crappy advances. But THIS is not the thing I was waiting for. For those of you, with that nonsensical “realistic movie” argument, I have several things to say.

Dragonball’s core appeal comes from its weirdness. Dragonball is not only about people flying and shooting energy and fighting lightning-fast, but the overall setting, unique characters and odd things happening all the time.

I can show you how wrong you are. Most of the Dragonball features you called “silly” or “unsuitable for a live-action film” are already on American cinema. Actually, the majority of the films I’m about to reference are very respectable productions:

- Flying human beings: The Matrix Trilogy
- Unrealistic fights (including an aerial fight): The Matrix Trilogy
- People with odd hair color/haircuts: The Fifth Element, A Clockwork Orange, countless others
- Tailed human: Nightcrawler from X2
- Giant monkey: Peter Jackson’s King Kong
- Talking animals: Men in Black films, Narnia films, The Golden Compass
- Aliens come to Earth in human-sized pods: Spielberg’s War of the Worlds
- Giant manned robots: Spielberg’s War of the Worlds
- Anthropomorphic manned robots: Aliens, Iron Man
- Dinosaurs in modern times: Jurassic Park films
- People riding dinosaurs: Star Wars films
- Flying land vehicles: Star Wars films
- People shooting energy from his hands: any Sith
- Anthropomorphic dogs: Chewbacca!
- Old green man with pointy ears: Yoda!
- Green man with antennae: Greedo
- Green man: Abe Sapiens from Hellboy

As you can see, those movies, particularly the Star Wars franchise, are very successful. But Dragonball, with all its rich mythology of wonderful beings and events, has been straight raped in front of you, loyal fans, to favor this awful piece of bad filmmaking and poor artistic licence. If you ask me Neutral , Wong just has not enough balls to manage the scope of what Dragonball really is. He had the opportunity to induce new, fascinating characters to American cinema, unlike Yoda (it’s a puppet, after all): three eyed men, talking cats, an entire fantasy army with badass weaponry… God, if George Lucas wants a fat, tailed bastard on his movies, he just do it and people proceed to love the result…

…But suddenly, Dragonball must be forcefully adapted into Karate Kid but with B-movie-like special effects.

You can make the difference. You can get a better Dragonball, because the box office has the power of telling the industry how to do things properly. It happened with Ang Lee’s Hulk, it happened with Superman Returns.

Think about it.


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